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Control Dog Shedding

A familiar problem dog owners ultimately run into is shedding. Nearly all of our furry pals dogs and cats alike, can shed their coat throughout the year especially during the spring. Some breeds have thicker coats and may shed in greater quantities.

How To Trim Poodles Ears

The distinctive poodle cut is one of the most iconic in the entire dog world. One of the trickiest places to trim and care for is a poodle's ears. In addition to being an important aspect of the overall aesthetic look, the ears are an important location to maintain for your poodle's health. Followin

Preparing to Become a Dog Walker

To be a dog walker doesn't sound like much, but it can be such a great money maker. While it isn't technically a work-at-home kind of opportunity, it's almost that. You tend to work in the area around your house, and you set your own hours.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Learn how to keep care of your pet's teeth as they age. This article gives tips and resources on the best pet products to buy to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Tips For Taking Care of a New Puppy

The day you bring home your new puppy is a thrilling and exciting day. No one can resist the cuteness of a cuddly puppy. But before that happens, you must make sure that you have everything you need for taking care of a dog.

Dog Training Begins With Owner Training - The Alpha Dog Syndrome

Many people who have had dogs around for their entire life still don't have any idea how to train their dog. They think they do, but the truth is that the dog is in control instead of the owner. It's the Alpha Dog Syndrome. It's time to reverse the roles.

Canine Skin Itching

Canine skin itching (pruritus) can be miserable. A dog with skin issues can itch, scratch and lick constantly to provide relief. There are several reasons why a dog may itch, and diagnosing the underlying cause helps to determine the proper treatment.

Bilious Reflux

Bilious reflux (also known as bilious vomiting syndrome) is a condition in pets in which a cat or dog chronically vomits bile as a result of bile reflux in the stomach. When a pet does not have the disorder, its normal gastric activity removes the reflux bile before there is gastric irritation and

Bird Dog Breeds - 3 Most Popular Breeds And Their Characteristics

Many duck hunters consider their bird dog an essential part of their hunt. Because of their loyalty and passion for the hunt, these dogs jump into cold water, or retrieve over rough terrain to get the bird their master has killed. A good bird dog is definitely worth his weight in gold to the serious

How to Introduce a New Puppy to Dogs

Introducing a new puppy into the home is both exciting and frightening for dog owners. The joy of having a new puppy can quickly become overshadowed by aggression or rejection from an existing dog in the family. With a little patience and persistence, a new puppy can be introduced into the home and

Dog Training Tips on Biting

Getting upset due to the bad behavior of your pet along with horrible biting habits? Well, join the club because this article is all about dog training tips biting and ways to lessen this habit in a week or two. Dog biting is a common routine among pets and it can easily be treated if you have prope

What Can Cause a Rash on a Dog's Stomach?

When your dog has a rash on his stomach, the rash may be a mild irritation that goes away or it may lead to serious problems. A dog with itchy skin may scratch and bite his belly until it causes infection or open sores. Dog rashes are common, and prompt treatment eases the dog's misery.

Wolf Pack in Famine

Take a look into wild wolf society and discover the depth of hardship there.The wild wolf is a magnificent creature, a very efficient predator, whose life lends much insight into our domestic dogs, but about whom there is so much yet to know.

Commercial Dog Food For Your Pet - How Good is Pet Food?

Before buying any commercial dog food, the dog owners must inspect the quality of the food and see whether it's healthy or not. In the recent past, there has been much hue and cry over the pet food, but these discussions seem to be ignoring the real question, that is the quality of the pet food

Common Cairn Terrier Ailments

Cairn terriers are usually quite healthy and tend to live a long life -- 15 years on an average. However, vets and breeders have found that some of the dogs can have hereditary diseases, while others end up with ailments due to infections, injuries and/or age. When buying a cairn terrier puppy, chec