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What "Defines" You?

Someone asked me today "What defines you?" I thought about that for a while, because many people have told me that what others have done to them or for them has "Defined them" and I found that odd and began to consider the question for myself.

5 Crucial Steps to Overcome Fears

It is simple to discuss overcoming the fears residing inside one, but it is very difficult for the person suffering from this phobia to overcome his fears. The following techniques involved in overcom

Tips For When A Co-worker Steals Your Idea

To paraphrase a famous quote "every great idea has already been thought." While that may be true of general ideas, the chance of someone in your office coming up with the exact same detailed plan, presentation, product or process as you have is pretty slim.

Seeking a Hypnotherapist During Pregnancy Helps

Visiting a hypnotherapist to prepare for the birth of a new baby can be the best decision a mother-to-be can make. Over 70% of Hypnobirthing mothers deliver their babies without any use of medications and on average undergo an active labor period of 4.5 hours, compared to the national average of 12

Changing Jobs: Life and Career Advice for Women

One of the biggest mistakes many women make when changing jobs or pursuing a life passion is doubt. This is largely because many never fully tap into their leadership potential. But, how women make decisions practically sets them up for success, making it much less "scary" than many realiz

Wanted: Floodlight Of Treasure To Undo The Works Of Darkness!

Welcome to the arena of rude speech (2 Cor.11:6). Every child or student that fails to do the assignment of the father or teacher, is qualified for many stripes!(Luke 12:47-48). Are you still in doubt or wondering why things seem to have turned against you? With a bleeding heart today, and still in

Our Worst Enemy

In graft and corruption, instead of helpingthose in need?We have many implications of who our enemies are; but we haveone common foe who is the main cause of our.

The Truth About The Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

I looked at the Beachbody opportunity from every direction and could not find a hint of a scam or a scheme of any kind. It's a solid business opportunity and it's backed by a solid company with well known, reputable products all backed by a guarantee.

Subliminal Messages - The Truth

Subliminal messages are starting to really become mainstream now it now seems like every self help expert is bringing out their very own range, every hypnosis website has a selection, and don't get me started ...

Feeling Stuck - Nothing Gets Better Till You Get Better

If you are currently stuck, and you feel that your life sucks, and you are looking for someone to blame, I suggest that you stop what you're doing, go to the bathroom, lock yourself in, take a good look in the mirror and repeat these sage like words to yourself. "I am 100% responsible for

Self Improvement - Clutter - Purging Your Files

Studies have shown that because of the need for better Time Management skills up to 95 percent of all items filed are never used again. Have you found it easier to buy more file cabinets to fill than to purge old, useless files that are helping clog every file drawer?

Learning Forgiveness

Just as Jesus looked upon the fellow to His right and then the other to His left, forgiving them, so Jesus looks upon our repentant hearts. He forgives us of our wrongs. We have all broken God's laws. There is none of us righteous, except Jesus the One born without sin.

How To Make Balloon Animals

Also make certain not to let youngsters to play with the uninflated balloons or people that you will even now be twisting as it can make the balloon sticky and will make it tough to ...