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Genies In The Koran

A PART OF CREATIONThey are there - called out in Islam's holiest book. They are the djinn. Among the Muslim devout, there can be no question that these beings are among God's creation, right alongside

Chasing your Own Dreams

'Chase their own dreams' is a statement, an affirmation, an inspirational thought, idea, concept and dream that has alluded so many of us. How about you? Have you allowed your dreams to allude you? Do

What is dharma in hinduism and indian cculture?

Our scriptures have coined a woderfully comprehensive word for religion and spirituality in all their ramifications: Dharma is derived from the root 'dhri' (to hold, to support, to s

Easter: From Babylon, Papacy to our Age

Easter has nothing to do with Christ, Christianity and the worship of the TRUE GOD. It is satanic religion that began in old Babylon, that passed on to Roman and then to the world, and sadly, through

The Place of God in Human Destiny

Do you at times wonder the reason why you are on earth, the reason for your existence, and the purpose for your being created. There is a supreme being called God that has a strong hold on the accomplishment of every man on earth.

A man filled with the Spirit of God

It is very attractive to say that someone is filled with the Spirit of God, but many people are interested in the depth of this statement. However, the Bible speaks of different people filled with ...

Taste And Future, All In A Cup Of Coffee

A cup of coffee and secrets of the future is the best combination that one would want to have at the time of relaxing. Coffee Cup Reading is all that predicts what is stored for you in future.

Sunday School Games About Prayer

Educating children to go in the way of the Lord can be a challenging task, especially when looking for ways to help small children remember big lessons, or practice major skills. One of these big skills is prayer, and as with other biblical topics, it is often easiest to instruct them...

The Wilderness Mentality Will Hurt Your Finances

The wilderness mentality must be removed and replaced with a prosperity mentality because financial prosperity begins in the soul. Number 14:1-4 and the entire congregation lifted up their voice and cried, and the people wept that night. And all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and the

Underground Witchcraft Secrets

Magic Spells attempted for financial problems, or to summon a genie, for example; Spell Casting, Magic Spells.Spell casting for love, money, success, fertility problems. Spells and money, Wicca Witchc

Ways To Donate Mission San Luis Rey De Francia

Many of you have history at California Missions, specially in Mission san Luis Rey. You may have grown up in the parish, have family in our cemetery, may have been married there, or baptized there or attended school there...or you may just take great pride in this magnificent architectural masterpie

How to Become a Methodist

Methodism is a denomination of Protestant Christianity that many find appealing because of the emphasis it places on human will. The practices and rituals of the Methodist Church are similar enough to other denominations, and the theology different enough, to get many interested in becoming Methodis