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Be The Green Driver

Go green is what the battle cry of every Greenpeace enthusiast is across the globe. So why not, as diligent populaces of the world, we try to save our Mother Earth from destruction? Forget destruction, have you ever cried at the frozen, lifeless traffic that lay ahead of you? Do you wish to be the c

The Hopi Indians Know How to Survive 2012

There has been a deep rooted understanding among the Hopi people of the Earth's magnetic fields and the power that is involved in keeping in tuned with them. Respecting nature and caring for its balance has been their purpose on Earth. Observing and understanding the physical and spiritual conn

Heart of Corruption

Philippine presidents, including the incumbent, have won on anticorruption platforms. Since it has become practically synonymous with governance, Filipinos believe they know everything about corruptio

The Dark Side

Many times on the news you hear a report about a shooting, killing or violent incident and the person at the heart of the incident is passed off as mentally ill, and the society reacts by creating add

Pearls and Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets and pearls are used as a form of fashion accessory. It is essential to clean your pearls and discover the different types of beads in order to fully accentuate your wardrobe.Beaded Br

How to Care For Your Pashmina Shawls

Good quality pashmina scarves are always a great investment, no matter how costly it is. They can offer you comfort, protection, as well as a high sense of confidence. Pashmina Shawls are all-around f

More Cool Socks From Hot Sox

This articles covers the background of how Hot Sox was established and their first design creations which led to the companies success at present.

Christmas Customs in Different Nations

In fact, each country has different Christmas customs. How much you know about those customs? This article will introduce different Christmas custom in different nations for you.

Get the Beautiful Havaianas Butterfly Flip Flop

Havianas are the Brazilian score of flip-flops. Every Country has their individualized describe for this unique little footwear. One has to tell though that they are most hot and can be insured in nea

The Hypocrisy in Reforming Health Care

The article addresses the hypocrisy displayed by pro-choice politicians who in the effort to push through the health care reform bill use a tactic of deeming the bill as if it were actually law. The tactic highlights the politicians willingness in perceiving legislature as existing which is somethin

How Do We Go On After the Batman Murders?

How do we move on after tragedy? We cannot always control the events in our lives - but we can perhaps choose what those events change inside of us.

How To Spot Crime In A Mobile Home Park

Unless you have spent time in law enforcement, there are certain signs of crime that you would never notice as a result of your sheltered existence. However, there are important crime signals that every park owner should know, but that nobody will tell you due to political correctness. So here they

How Women Can Make Time For Devotions

If you're like me, you wish there were just a few more hours in the day. Between running the kids to various practices, games and lessons, being attentive to your marriage, making sure there's clean c

Tax Related Identity Theft Scams Up 300%

Cases of stolen tax returns have surged over the past five years, leaving many identity theft victims struggling to recoup their lost refunds.