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Welcoming 2011 With Tips And Tricks To Save More Money

2011 is approaching near. But more importantly, Santa is on its way to welcome the New Year! Yes, Christmas is approaching near; it's just two months away.Most of the families plan their expenses around the weekly or monthly set routines. They know how much their grocery and other bills will co

Ways to Successfully Host a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

One of the most-awaited moments of the year is right here once again. Dim neighborhoods are brightened by ghastly smiles of Jack-o'-lanterns in communities where the breeze is also slowly getting colder and the leaves that have fallen off of pines give each step a crunch.

How to Build Your Own Lightsaber From Scratch

No Jedi or Sith costume fully looks the part without a lightsaber hanging off of the belt. Lightsabers, the weapons Jedi and Sith use in the Star Wars universe, loosely resemble a sword. The hilt is the only part of the weapon that fan can recreate. Some choose to design the hilt off a character's w

4 Strategies For Finding Local Holiday Events and Activities

This Christmas many parents are looking for a great ways to spend time with their children. The Holidays is one of the few times during the year that everyone is at home and enjoy each other's company. This makes its important to find great events that can become fond holiday memories.

Treat Bag Ideas for Princess-Themed Birthdays

Give your guests princess-themed treat bags to thank them for attending your princess-themed birthday party. The items you fill the treat bag with should complement the tone of the party while being appropriate for the age group of your guests and staying within your budget. The treat bags can be sm

How to Make a Bumblebee Valentine Box

Valentine's Day is a holiday full of traditions, not the least of which is the valentine box. Decorating the box in anticipation of its being stuffed full of classmates' valentines is a fun activity, and you can do it in less than an hour. The bright yellow of a bumblebee will make a decorated box s

Gift Basket Game Ideas

Don't just give away a gift basket, make people compete for it.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty ImagesIf you are giving away a gift basket at a party, company meeting or other function, don't just give it away. Instead, think of a fun way to make people compete for the prize. When deciding on...

How to Make Felt Christmas Stars

Felt Christmas stars strung on a bit of natural jute or suspended from the tree make delightful Christmas ornaments that add a bit of country charm. These hand-stitched stars are reminiscent of the days when families worked together to create ornaments from scraps of material to adorn the tree or as

Games to Play for Gift Exchanges

A gift exchange is a fun way to celebrate a holiday or event without spending too much money. Each guest brings a wrapped item to a party. A host sets up a game using all the wrapped gifts, passing the gifts out to guests in a manner specified by individual game rules. When the party is...

Gift Ideas With Lemons

If you're searching for the perfect gift for a lemon lover, don't worry. There are many lemon-themed presents that would be ideal to give to a person who loves this citrus fruit. Whether the person is traditional or more contemporary in style and personality, you will be able to find the perfect gif

How to Plan an Asian-American Thanksgiving

This is meant to get your imagination working and to get you thinking about planning your own Thanksgiving that reflects your unique upbringing. General planning tips are included too. Have fun and be imaginative!

Interesting Facts About Prefab House

Prefab house is actually a short-term used for prefabricated homes that only mean a house, which has components manufactured in any given off-site industrial facility.

Cheap Gifts for Groomsmen

From planning the perfect bachelor party to seating guests prior to the ceremony, your groomsmen and ushers log tireless man-hours to ensure that your wedding day is a big success. One great way to say "thank-you" for all their hard work is by presenting each of them with a carefully selected gift t

Christmas Gifts for Work Friends

Christmas gifts for your work friends show your appreciation.christmas gift bag image by Alex Motrenko from Fotolia.comChristmas is a time to honor friends with gifts from the heart, and your work friends are no exception. Whether you give individual presents to your work friends or agree...

Gift Ideas for a Male Friend

Choosing a gift for a male friend made easy!handsome man (serise) image by Pathathai Chungyam from Fotolia.comChoosing a gift for a male friend can be a little tricky, especially if the gift giver is female and wants to ensure the gift does not elude to anything more than a platonic...

Easter Egg Hunt Instructions

Organizing an Easter egg hunt for your family, neighborhood or church group takes some planning but if you make things run smoothly it's always a fun Easter activity. As a host, it's your job to make sure that the event is organized and age-appropriate and that everybody has a good time, including t

Hymn Stories for Christmas

Christmas hymns have stories behind them.Christmas tree branch with blue Christmas ball image by emka from Fotolia.comAll of the well-known and beloved Christmas hymns have stories behind them. Some of the stories have been retold so many times that they have become more myth than truth....

How to Buy Good Teacher Gifts

It's that time of year again; time to buy teacher gifts. For many of us, it is a challenge to come up with a nice gift for our kids teachers without breaking the bank. Let's face it, most teachers do not need another coffee mug or #1 teacher magnet to add to the probably very large collection. Her

How to Wrap a Sweater When You Don't Have a Box

When you don't have a box, use a hanger and some shiny aluminum foil to wrap a sweater. Use your imagination and some common household items to decorate your gift with a personalized message, or create something silly that will be remembered for a long time. Create the perfect wrapping for a sweate

Ideas for Birthday Parties for a 12-Year-Old

A twelfth birthday is an exciting event; it is the last year that the child will spend as a preteen and parents can begin this final year with a birthday party that the guest of honor will remember all throughout his teenage years. Consider his favorite things and hobbies when planning the birthday