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What Gets Scuff Marks off Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tile a floor covering found in many homes and offices. Available in many textures and colors, tile is susceptible to scuff marks from dark soled shoes, which is often difficult to remove without damaging the tile. Several products are safe to use on ceramic tile, removing scuff marks without

The Roots of My Lucky Bamboo Smell

According to the Chinese practice of feng shui, bamboo plants bring prosperity and positive energy to your space -- but only if they're happy and healthy. Neglected or poorly cared for plants can develop root system problems that lead to odor-causing mold or bacteria. Changing the water, finding the

How to Get Rid of a Musty Mold Smell

Surface mold and mold that forms in porous items are the causes of most mold and mildew problems. Smelly mold on hard surfaces will wipe off with hot, soapy water and a strong detergent. Mold that hides deep inside porous items, like textiles, will cause lasting odors and will be the hardest to get

How Do I Clean Vomit Stains from Carpet with Houshold Items?

Vomit is a mixture of food, stomach acid, and bacteria that comes back up from the stomach. When this substance comes in contact with carpeting, it can become ingrained in the fibers and is sometimes difficult to remove.

Laundry Detergent Instructions

Using laundry detergent may seem like a task that needs no explanation, but you might be surprised to know that many people use laundry incorrectly or inefficiently. Launderers often use much more laundry detergent than is needed to effectively clean clothing and linens. A failed assumption is that

What Cleans Fringe on Carpet?

Sometimes the smallest tasks challenge even the most skilled housekeepers, such as cleaning the fringe on area rugs and carpets. Cleaning the rugs properly involves frequent vacuuming, however, using the vacuum on fringe may cause damage. Understanding the proper steps, methods and products to use w

How to Make Flagstone From Molds

Flagstone walkways are alternatives to dirt paths or paved sidewalks in yards and gardens. Finding a supply of perfect flagstones can be time consuming and expensive. It is much faster and easier to make your own out of a mold. Many companies sell flexible flagstone molds, which can be filled with c

How to Remove Super Glue From Jeans

Super Glue is a great product that bonds things together. It can also be quite messy to use. It is not uncommon to get Super Glue on your jeans when working with the product. It is possible to get Super Glue out of jeans if you follow the proper measures. Never dry the jeans in a dryer prior to remo

How to Fix Damaged & Stained Concrete

There is nothing worse than a stained concrete driveway or patio. Stains can accumulate from plant fertilizer, metal and many other things. Instead off using a sandblaster, which will damage the concrete even more, use a soft, wet based rust remover that will get even the worst stains off of the con

How to Remove Thinset From Wood

Thinset cement is applied to wooden subfloors before ceramic tile is installed. When the thinset hardens, it creates a secure bond between each ceramic tile and the subflooring below. If you decide to change your flooring, you must remove the existing ceramic tiles and the hardened thinset. All type

What Detergent Removes Organic Stains the Best?

Certain organic stains, such as coffee need to be treated differently than other organic stains.coffee in coffee image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comMany Detergents Work on Organic StainsSoap-based detergents dissolve organic stains by surrounding grease molecules and making them...

How to Remove Spots on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are durable and aesthetically appealing. However, certain substances can stain the wood and leave unsightly spots. Use careful cleaning methods with wood-safe cleaners to remove spots from hardwood floors. Tougher stains might require you to refinish the surface of the wood where the

Bissell Steamcleaner Instructions

Bissell's first steam cleaner left the factory in 1876. The innovative appliance couples an agitating brush with steam and water suction. The difference between a steam cleaner and a traditional vacuum cleaner is that steamers wash the carpet; a vacuum only sucks dirt up. Owning a machine has advant

How to Cut the Canopy of a Bougainvillea

Trimming a bougainvillea’s (Bougainvillea spp.) canopy is the most challenging aspect of its care. The plant can grow 40 feet tall and spread more than 20 feet. The long, arching branches lined with a multitude of sharp thorns make pruning time-consuming and difficult. It’s best to prune

Removing Stainless Steel Scratches With Scotch-Brite

The 3M Corporation makes a line of Scotch-Brite products, with stainless steel curly scrubbers the best known. These particular scrubbers, however, are not appropriate for use on the stainless steel in your kitchen as they may add scratches. A 3M stainless steel cleaner and polish in aerosol form ma

How do I Launder With Citric Acid & Ester of Lactic Acid?

Citric acid is naturally found in many citrus fruits and is known to be an effective all-purpose cleaner with no toxic properties. Ester of lactic acid (or ethyl lactate) is commonly derived from corn and is a natural solvent which is completely biodegradable. As many commercial laundry soaps and de

How to Remove Stickers Off Glass Bottles

Stickers can be extremely difficult to remove from glass bottles. Before you ruin your nails or scratch the glass surface, try one of the methods listed here.

How to Clean Carbon Steel Knives With Lime Juice

If you are looking for a non-toxic, all-natural way to clean your carbon steel knives, a little salt and lime juice can clean and disinfect your knives without harming them. This natural cleanser will even leave a delightful, citrus aroma. Grab a lime and some salt and get cleaning.