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Create a Wholesome Ambiance with Your Flower Boxes

Flowers create a wonderful ambiance that could somehow ease the tension as well as the anxiety of everyday life. With this fact, people are continuously finding every possible ways to maintain a flower garden in ...

A Hydroponics Setup for Your Home

Like any hobby at times hydroponics can get a bit expensive. In this economy it is hard to see why any gardener would pluck down hard earned cash but with a bit of math it ...

Poppies Worth Picking

Weve all seen the red glow of poppies in summer fields, but how much do we know about other varieties? Our own native field poppy, or Papaver rhoeas to give Its correct name, is a ...

Homemade Hummingbird Perch Feeder

Invite hummingbirds into your garden by providing a specialized hummingbird feeder. Making a feeder can be an enjoyable activity for people of all ages. Hummingbirds survive by drinking nectar from flowers, which they lap up with a specially adapted tongue. According to Wild Birds Unlimited, humming

Plant Food for Southern Peas

Southern peas (Vigna unguiculata) grow primarily in the southern parts of the United States during the spring and summer. Southern peas, also called black-eyed peas, require warm, sunny conditions and fine to medium-textured soil.

Lettuce Gardening Tips

These are some great lettuce gardening tips. Lettuce is a great thing to start planting as a beginning gardener.

Wormery Compost - How to Keep the Worms Happy

The Compost bin is an essential part of any garden. But a wormery provides a valuable working addition which produces compost that is rich in humus and plant foods. The compost is best used as a top dressing or ingredient in potting or seed compost.

Urban Gardening Tips

The environment we live in needs a little spicing up so that it can look beautiful. We need more, apart from the flowers that adds a little color and real beauty to our garden. We ...

How to Plant Near Water Pipes

Any time you put a shovel into the ground to plant a tree or shrub, you should have a sense of what lies below. Underground water pipes sometimes get buried near the surface of the ground. Digging into an underground water pipe can carry consequences. Rupturing the utility line can cause a flood, di

What Kinds of Trees Do Buckeyes Grow On?

People colloquially call trees and shrubs in the botanical genus Aesculus either buckeye or chestnut trees. Twelve species exist, native to North America, southeastern Europe or eastern Asia. The name "buckeye" is an American term, referring to the fruit-nuts of native species that look like an eye

Types of Gardens - Home Gardening Hobby

Gardening around the home can be a fun hobby. There are many ideas that you can go with when it comes to landscaping using gardening as your inspiration. Depending on the area that you are trying to cover and the budget that you're on, you may be able to change the landscaping every other week.

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

A lawn sprinkler system consists of pipes, pop-up sprinklers, a timer and water valves. The timer is programmed with a watering schedule, which is then administered to each individual water valve depending on the watering needs of each valve's zone. A zone is a section of the yard and can include di

How to Build My Own Backyard Storage Shed

A backyard storage shed can provide space to store gardening tools and equipment, holiday decorations, empty boxes, bicycle and helmet. Not only will you use wasted space by creating a small shed over it, but your things can be tucked in safely and thus last longer. Although you can make a shed from

Fight Rose Pests With Beneficial Insects

Insects are attracted to flowers, especially roses. However, while many types of insects are deadly to roses, there are quite a few that can prove quite beneficial to your garden. Most of these insects will devour harmful insects, attracting them to your garden is always a good idea, so that you can

Landscaping and Gardening Tips For a Tight Budget

Having a beautiful, landscaped garden is everyone's dream. Unfortunately, such beauty comes at a price. Generally, the more complicated and classy the garden looks like, the more costly it is to build and maintain it. Exotic flowers, expensive materials and landscaping service can all take thei

Marvelous Magical Seed Catalogs!

Seed catalogs and planting guides are an excellent way to help recover mentally from a disastrous life changing event. They transport you from the reality of the moment by giving you something dreamy to think of for a short while.