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People want their marriage to work

In general, people want their marriages to work. I see this every day. Most of the time, they just don't know how to make it work. Read, go to counseling, go to workshops, and do whatever you

When Will He Propose?

If you are asking yourself, "when will be propose?," it is likely that you see him as the one and simply want to get on with the rest of your life. You can never know the time he will propose, but there are signs you can monitor to know if he will ever propose.

Saving Your Marriage

All marriages go through rough patches. There are times it seems that nothing can repair what is going on with your marriage. I have discovered a few little things that have helped saved my marriage.

Dating Websites

The need to love and be loved has become one of the most targeted market today. Nobody is spared from this need, even technologically savvy people. Electronic communication has added new dimensions to dating and ...

The Number 1 Mistake You're Making to Attract Your Husband

Do you wish that your husband paid attention to you? Did you and your husband used to have plenty of moments when you would play, laugh flirt and live a very passionate life? It's actually very common that after many years of being together with someone, the passion can fizzle. It doesn't

Vivaah - Meaning, Types and Traditions

'Vivaah' is a Sanskrit word that means marriage or matrimony in English. Sometimes in English, it is also spelled as vivah, vivaha and vivaaha etc. It is a Hindu wedding ceremony that is replete with characteristic rituals and ceremonies unique to India and its religion of Hinduism.

Where to Marry - Finding the Right Venue

Have you been wondering where to marry your beloved? Have you been talking it out with your friends, trying to find a place that is exciting or original or outlandish? Are you reluctant to go for the usual and traditional places, but you don't know where to marry?

Preventing an Emotional Affair

Cheating physically on your spouse or partner is easy to avoid, or at least it should be. But preventing yourself getting involved in an emotional affair can be more difficult

Life Is What's Happening Now!

What is holding you back from finding your true happiness? Is fear of the future ruling your life? In this week's article I will show you how you can appreciate the past and anticipate the future.

A Few Of My Thoughts On How To Prevent Your Marriage From Ending

Commitments are startlingly easy to break now. Many people get married without understanding the stresses involved in such a union and find themselves wanting to get out in short order. People in this situation should consider that there are ways to save that union - as long as there are things you

Divorce and Custody Agreements - Don't Ask Why, Ask How

Separation and parenting agreements are not a one-size-fits-all proposition.Decisions regarding assets and debts, parenting, and support are inter-related. Read this article to find out how mediation can help you ask "what" and "how" questions to guide you to solutions that will