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The Features of a Spread Sheet

A spreadsheet features a grid with vertical rows and horizontal columns. The purpose is to allow the user to input data in an organized manner. A spreadsheet can be created manually or through spreadsheet software. The advantages of using a spreadsheet program include the additional time-saving feat

How to Convert Kvcd to AVI

The KVCD format files are the modified version of standard MPEG files. These KVCD files may not be playable in all media players or other devices. So you may need to convert them into AVI format to play it in your favorite media player or portable device. However conversion of KVCD files can be tric

How to Remove a Cracked IPA on an iPhone

If an iPhone has been jailbroken, and unlocked from iTunes, it's able to load games and applications downloaded from the Internet by dragging and dropping IPA files into the iTunes library. Although this can be a useful method for installing iPhone freeware, it's also used for installing pirated --

PDF digital signature - the brief knowledge about it

With the aim of completely be mindful of how to make a pdf digital signature, people ought to basically be familiar with the gravity behind such a method and why it is such an extraordinary arrangemen

How to Change WMV Files

Because video cameras are so inexpensive and easy to use, new videos appear by the thousands on the Internet. One popular video format is WMV (Windows Media Video). Though many programs can play this format, some programs and devices do not. So you'll have to change the file into something more play

Travel Business- A Vehicle Rental SoftwareIs A Effective Solution

Leasing business has a huge market now. But running the vehicle leasing business seem to be difficult sometimes but still you can manage this business effectively with the help of some precise tools at the disposal like as the vehicle leasing software system. When you chose vehicle rental software y


Define ADE - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

T-Shirt Design Tool-Personalize Your T-Shirt Design

T-shirt design tool is being appreciated all across the world as it allows you to design custom t-shirt on the basis of your preferences. There is no need to make selection from a pre-designed menu ...

How to Initiate a Damage Control Routine After a PST Crash?

PST crash is the most common problem Outlook users around the world faces. People today use their email client to manage one or more email accounts and also store personal as well as business information in the form of emails, notes and calendar schedules. Email client like Outlook also gives users


Define DAEMON - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

Sharepoint Development-a Web Application Platform

Sharepoint is basically a web application platform developed by Microsoft. It was officially launched in 2001. It is designed as a centralized replacement for multiple web applications and supports various combinations of enterprise website requirements.

How to Speed Up Windows 98 SE Easily

Windows 98 SE is a useful operating system for those who use low-memory programs. Here are some tips to optimize the performance of your Windows 98 SE operating system.

How to Convert RealPlayer Software Into MPG Files

Real Player is a media player that has been popular through the years. It uses a special media format for its videos known as RMVB. These files will only play on Real Player though, and you might want a more universally accepted format for your Real Player files. MPEG is a more common format that wi

How to Edit a Chapter in an MPEG Video

If you would like to edit a chapter in an MPEG video, you must use a video-editing application that can recognize and edit video in the MPEG file format. While numerous free programs can be found online for creating DVD projects out of MPEG video files, when it comes to actually editing MPEG video,

How to Remove Java.EXE

Java.exe is the main application for the Java program released by Sun Microsystems. This is a free application that allows Java programs to be run on your computer. This includes many applets on the Internet. If you want to get rid of Java, it can be completely removed from your computer using the b

ColdFusion Checkbox Tutorial

The HTML "checkbox" element provides programmers with a way to give readers a set of multiple choices that they can enter into your Web forms. You must first create the checkbox element and then you create the ColdFusion processing page to retrieve the choices the user checked. Cold Fusion

Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system, designed specifically for personal computers, it is seen as a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows. It is derived from Debian, another well-known Linux distribution. The name comes from an African ideology which means "humanity to others".