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How to Get Mood Faces to Paste

If you use mood icons, such as smiley faces, in your Microsoft Word documents, emails and blog posts, then you can paste them using a few quick hotkey combinations. Move them from a Microsoft Word document to an email to a blog post -- or any other combination of documents -- by pressing a few butto

How to Install an External ATM Machine

Installing external ATM machines is similar to installing their indoor counterparts. The only difference is, most outdoor ATM machines have greater structural integrity. The machines not only require physical assembly, they also require programming. These machines are found virtually everywhere -- a

How to Fix House Windows

Fixing house windows involves careful examination of the broken window and then determining the best way to make the repair that is necessary. This article will look at several possible problems that the homeowner is likely to encounter and how to go about making the repair.

How to Set Virtual Memory for Windows XP

Virtual memory is a bit of a trick in Windows XP to make an application or program think that the memory it is utilizing is not fragmented. This allows for a better overall use of your RAM and is adjustable. You do not want your allowable virtual memory size to be too large or it will actually slo

How do I Remove Vista & Reinstall Windows XP?

Windows Vista is a newer operating system than Windows XP, but it got a lot of bad press, and many people are switching back to Windows XP. Windows 7 has since been released and has overall gotten a lot of better reviews, but if you're not ready for Windows 7 and want to install Windows XP over Wind

How to Remove the Vista Startup Screen

Windows Vista marked a drastic change from Windows XP. Although it was touted as being much simpler and user-friendly, Vista proved to have a steep learning curve for most users migrating from the older versions of Windows. To smooth out that learning curve, Microsoft provided a Welcome Center start

How to Remove Roxio 6.2

Most computer users will download a ton of software programs over their lifetime. Many of those programs will never be used or will become outdated, or the trial versions will expire. Many users will forget about these programs and continue to let them hog up their system's memory. To start clearing

How to Display Memory on a Desktop

Microsoft Windows 7 gadgets utility can be used to display the Random Access Memory (RAM) currently being used by the computer on the desktop. Gadgets are small programs designed for doing specific tasks such as display the time, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and RAM usage of the computer as wel

How to Adjust the Fonts for Wine in Ubuntu

The Linux utility Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) allows a Linux user to run many Windows applications without having to install Windows on a separate partition or use any Microsoft products illegally. It allows for a level of system customization not all that different from that of a genuine Windows

Windows Cleanup Programs

Computers constantly save data to your hard drive as you use the Internet, load new programs onto your computer and perform other everyday tasks. Over time, the hard drive can fill up with data, leaving little extra space for new files and programs. There are several programs built into...

How to Fix a Windows MBR Recovery CD in Vista

The Master Boot Record (MBR), is the location of your hard drive that contains the drive structure. Repairing the MBR is necessary after it has been damaged through viruses or partial hardware failure. This is accomplished by using your Vista CD's recovery features to rewrite the MBR information con

Tools That Make NTFS Partitions

NTFS partitions are used by Windows operating systemshard drive macro image by Ray Kasprzak from Fotolia.comNTFS file systems, such as those used by Windows partitions, continue to fill a niche despite growing open-source software pools. While file systems such as ext3, ext4 and FAT32...

How to Remove Windows Media Center From Windows 7

Media Center is a proprietary feature of the Windows operating system. Working in conjunction with Windows Media Player, Media Center creates a separate interface used to watch Internet broadcasts on your computer. With the addition of extenders, users can stream content between devices using the Me

Windows Virtual Machine Performance

A virtual machine allows users to run a second operating system from within an existing computer, whether the host machine runs the same software or uses a different operating system. Since the machine practically runs two operating systems at the same time, virtual machines often cause performance

How to Shut Down a Windows Vista Computer

Properly shutting down computers using the Windows Vista operating system prevents file corruption, file loss and other problems. As with all Windows operating system, you will find the shutdown option for Vista computers in the main menu, or Start menu. Shutting down the computer physically turns t

Microsoft Windows 2000 Tips & Tricks

Windows 2000 is an operating system created by Microsoft.laptop pc image by Albo from Fotolia.comWindows 2000 is an operating system created and released by Microsoft just after the turn of the millennium. In total, four types of Windows 2000 software were released to give users multiple...

How to Reinstall Rundll32.EXE

The Rundll32.exe file is one of the more important files in terms of the performance of the Windows 7 operating system. If it becomes corrupt or damaged, the Windows 7 OS can suffer serious performance issues. To fix the error, you can reinstall the file to replace the corrupt one. To do this, you w

How To Change an Apple HD Name

The Mac OS X operating system automatically names the hard drive of your Apple computer "Macintosh HD." Changing the name of the hard drive increases the security of the computer, making it harder for malicious software to work on your Macintosh. Additionally, some users--especially those who work o

How to Troubleshoot Windows XP Stop Error Messages

Most Windows XP users have experienced the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD). A BSOD--or stop error---occurs because the operating system has stopped responding and the graphic user interface (GUI) familiar to Windows users is replaced by a blue screen reminiscent of DOS prompts. The screen displa

Can't Remove Virtual PC 2007 From My PC

Removing Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from your computer can be difficult if you don't know where to look. The option to uninstall is not available under the "start menu" or the programs list in the "control panel." It can be removed under the installed updates list however. This program only works wit