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AppleCare for the Apple iPad

Every iPad comes with free 90-day telephone support from the day of purchase and a one-year limited warranty. However, if you buy the AppleCare Protection Plan, this support extends to three years from the purchase date. AppleCare covers access to unlimited technical support for any problems with th

Benefits & Drawbacks of Computer Networking in the Industry

Computer networks can be highly beneficial to industry users.computer hub image by Albo from Fotolia.comMany industries are now using computer networking systems to regulate production and business transaction and for other organizational functions. Apart from the countless utilities of a...

How to Erase Everything on My Computer

The exact process for erasing everything on your computer's hard drive depends on the operating system that your computer is running. The good news is that the basic process for all operating systems is similar. All you need is the operation system's installation or restoration CD, and the ability t

How to Troubleshoot an Emachine Laptop

eMachines produces a range of laptops suitable for use at home or in a small business setting. While these devices are designed for reliability and ease of operation, you may encounter the occasional problem that prevents you from using your laptop as desired. Sometimes the source of trouble is as s

How to Buy Networking Hardware

Buying networking hardware may be difficult as it requires a lot technical knowledge. Therefore before you go out shopping for your networking needs, it is important educate yourself about basic networking hardware. The following information may be of help to you.

How to Put "Show Desktop" Back on the Taskbar

In Windows 7, you have the option of showing a desktop icon on the taskbar. In previous versions of Windows, you could pin the desktop to the taskbar in Quick Launch. The procedure in Windows 7 requires using the desktop toolbar. Having the desktop icon on the tool bar gives you the means to quickly

How to Track a Kid's Activities on an iPod Touch

The iPod Touch from Apple is a handheld touchscreen device with music, video, photo, gaming and Internet capabilities. There is a wealth of multimedia content available for the iPod Touch and some of it may not be appropriate for children using the device. The iPod comes with parental controls for p

How to Get Rid of Tightness in Your Shoulders

Tightness and tension in the shoulders is a result of bad posture, being in a position for excessive amounts of time or overuse of the shoulder muscles. Tension in the shoulders may lead to tension headaches and discomfort in the neck area. This can be painful and limit your performance. There are p

Data Storage Features of Personal Computers

Computer data storage is the component of the PC which holds digital information for a particular period of time. Data storing is one of the most important functions of a PC. Along with CPU and ...

Instructions for Removing Hard Drive on Acer Aspire 1690

The Acer Aspire 1690 is a notebook computer with an Intel Pentium M processor that remains powerful enough for today's demanding software. However, the 40 GB hard drive installed in its base configuration holds less information than what some people have on their smart phones and MP3 players. If you

A Relationship With The Search Engines Can Be Hard

And search engines get hurt by that. Their job, above all else, is to help the people using them to search for information. When spammers rather than valid websites get to the top, the search ...

Where is the Video Card Located in an HP Computer?

Video cards allow your computer to display a graphical user interface. Depending on the HP computer you have, and how old it is, there are a few different types of video cards you might have, and there are a couple of different ways to go about locating them.

Mother Boards

Today when you talk of a PC, you think of the motherboard, You are careful to choose the PC with a reputed motherboard. This is so since motherboard constitutes a very central and crucial part of computers.The motherboard has been an integral part of most personal computers for more than 20 years. T

How to Apply Thermal Paste to Quad Core

Thermal paste prevents heat from building up in areas of the CPU core that do not make full seamless contact with the faceplate on the bottom of the cooling fan that helps dissipate and channel heat. Small fluctuations on the surface do not make full contact possible between the two brushed metal su

How to Make Fonts Look Handwritten

A font is a style of text that you can download and install to your computer. Once you have installed a font file, you can use that particular text style in any program that allows you to choose fonts such as Microsoft Office programs, PDFs and graphic design programs. You can also download fonts fr

What to Do If Your Printer Does Not Recognize Compatible Ink Cartridges

Sometimes, a printer will not recognise compatible ink cartridges.That is because printer manufacturers put in failsafe measures that will prevent you from using such cartridges instead of original ones.But there is always a way to make your printer read compatible ink cartridges.

How to Connect an HP Laptop to an All-In-One Epson Printer

If you have an Epson all-in-one printer, connecting it to your HP laptop computer is quite simple. All Epson all-in-one printers connect to computers via a printer USB cable, which is just like a normal USB cable on one end but on the other end is slightly different. Many printers come with this cab

Major Parts of a Computer

A computer is composed of multiple components that perform specific functions. In many computers, a component may be replaced independently without replacing the other components. This allows only a specific part to be replaced as the item breaks down or becomes obsolete.

How to Browse DVD Photo Galleries on Your Computer

As digital photography has emerged as a common practice, the popularity of storing digital images on a computer has increased as well. Pictures that are transferred from a camera to a computer are typically not very large in size, but can occupy a lot of space on your computer as the number of image