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How to Make Decorations With Holly

Save money by making your own eye-catching Christmas decorations using vibrant red holly berries. You can use sprigs of the red berries to enhance a basic wire wreath base. Hang the festive wreath on your front door to welcome holiday guests, on a living room wall to add color to the space or above

How to Weave a Pine Needle Basket

Pine needle baskets are woven all over the world and are both attractive and functional. The craft of basket weaving can take many years to master, but you can learn how to weave a simple basket in one afternoon. Once you've gotten the hang of the basic steps and become familiar with weaving pine ne

How to Make Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a popular earring style. Chandelier earrings are made with a metal chandelier drop from which beads or crystals are suspended. These earrings shimmer with the movement of the hanging crystals.One shape of chandelier earrings quite common is the diamond chandelier earrin

How to Make a Key Chain Out of Plastic Lanyard Material

Lanyard plastic strands are also known as Rexlace, gimp, or boondoggle. It is a product used to make jewelry, key chains, and other crafts. The lanyard is weaved, knotted, or braided to create the finished product. One of the easiest crafts is a plastic lanyard key chain that can be completed in a s

DIY Pedal Boat

A boat propelled by pedals and gears instead of engines or wind is called an HPB, or Human Powered Boat. Constructing one of these for yourself from scratch would involve a good knowledge of marine engineering just to get the hull crafted correctly. An easier, less time-consuming method utilizes mat

How to Make Indian Beads

Native Americans considered the process of bead making to be as sacred as prayer itself. Beads were made from natural materials, most often ceramic. Often painted with food coloring and stains derived from forest plants, Indian beads were works of art. You can replicate these treasures using polymer

How to Make a Beaded Candle Centerpiece

Centerpieces add to the festive atmosphere of an event, whether it's a larger event like a wedding or a smaller occasion like a dinner party. Rather than purchase pre-made centerpieces from a floral shop or department store, make your own centerpieces with easy to find items from a craft store. Bead

How to Make Your Own Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are fun trinkets that children love especially during Halloween when they go trick or treating. But glow sticks can be used for a variety of purposes and add a little extra fun to any party or event. Making your own will save you money and allow you to create your own colors or put the g

How to Get EPs on "Eudemons"

"Eudemons Online" is a massively multi-player online role-playing game. The fantasy-based 2D game is free-to-play, but it does have some premium areas and items. Eudemon Points, or EPs, are the special premium currency for the game. EPs are used to purchase premium items and to participate in the lo

Instructions for Measuring & Making a Backing for a Quilt

A quilt back is an essential element of a quilt's three layers. The other two layers are the quilt top, usually a patchwork design of pieced fabrics, and the batting. The quilt top should be ironed and carefully measured to determine the size of the batting and quilt back. Unlike the quilt top, the

How to Make a Spy Parachute

As part of a children's game, a spy may float down to the ground, using a parachute that slows its descent through air resistance. You can make your own parachute that can be used to safely transport a toy action figure to the ground. The parachute can also drop top-secret cargo from an imaginary pl

How to Make a Thermal Cloth

Thermal cloth has many uses. You can use it for a window shade that keeps heat inside your house, or even as insulation for a thin wall. A dog living outside in its own house may appreciate a thermal cloth lining on the walls in winter. The good thing about making your own thermal cloth is that you

What Insects Drill Holes in Wood?

Wood provides a home and food for a variety of insects, from ants to bees to beetles. Depending on the species, the larvae or adult insect drills tunnels into the wood during its life cycle. This causes damage to trees, as well as wooden structures. In the worst cases, the insect's activity results

Video: Adding Toys to Baby Girl Easter Baskets

Video Transcript Okay, so now that we have our main items in the back of the basket here, we are going to go ahead and just fill it in with a few little extras to give it a nice touch. So, I think some little ballerina slippers or any little pair of shoes. Little girly, dainty shoes...

Learning the ABCs With Toys

Literal LearningPurchase plastic toy magnets and a magnetic blackboard. The letters should be of varying colors. This will make it easier to distinguish one letter shape from another. Letters can be placed on the magnetic blackboard or on other magnetic surfaces. Have the child recite the...

Cutting Tools for Sewing

When it comes to sewing, a seamstress is often only as good as her cutting tools. Using dull or uncomfortable scissors can turn sewing into an unpleasant experience and result in a project that doesn't come out quite right. Cutting tools for sewing range from a number of different scissor styles to

What Do the Colors of a Smoke Grenade Mean?

In the United States military, the various colors of smoke created by smoke grenades do not have preassigned meanings or uses. The specific meaning of a given color is determined by the needs of the user at the time of use. This means that the same color of smoke could mean different things in diffe

10 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift stores are organizations that resell used items at a discounted price. While some thrift stores operate on a profit basis, others do not; they donate money earned to local charities. Thrift stores have clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, appliances, electronics and more. To make your thr

How to Make Orchid Gum Paste Flowers

Flowers add atmosphere to special events, but they don't need to be confined to bouquets and vases. The orchid is a beautiful and exotic flower that can be the perfect topper to any cake. You can create sweet orchids with gum paste, a pliable sugar dough. They may seem difficult to make at first, b