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Features of Math Lab Plus

Math is a subject which is easy for few and difficult for many. In order to make math learning interesting and easy to understand, a leading educational institute has designed a lab for math named as Math Lab Plus. The mission of the Math Lab Plus is to help students struggling with Mathematics by providing them research based math programs which are very different from the culture of math learning. When a student steps into Math Lab, he or she finds a world full of exploration. Every student gets an opportunity to improve their understanding and enhance their mathematical thinking. The lab builds in self confidence and promotes inspiration through real life activities and projects.

The structure of Math Lab Plus is based on NCERT guidelines and covers 3rd to 10th grade. It is beneficial for teachers as well, as it enables them to explain, demonstrate and strengthen mathematical ideas by using Multimedia Content, GeometerâEUR(TM)s Sketchpad Software, Manipulatives, graphs, charts, Measuring Instruments, posters. It offers an exhaustive list of 487 activities based on NCERT curriculum. It comes in 30, 40 and 60 seater variants.

Features of Math Lab Plus:
Multimedia content: The lab offers teaching and learning material in the form of multimedia. It has support videos for the topics difficult to understand. The multimedia content makes it easy for the teachers to explain and demonstrate abstract concepts. Another unique feature of the Math lab plus is a TeacherâEUR(TM)s Guide which aims at enhancing teacherâEUR(TM)s teaching efficiency.
GeometerâEUR(TM)s Sketchpad Software: GeometerâEUR(TM)s Sketchpad is the WorldâEUR(TM)s leading software used in teaching math. It increases studentsâEUR(TM) understanding, engagement and achievement by providing them a visual way of learning mathematics. This software makes math more memorable and meaningful. Students are able to explore the mathematical properties with the help of this tool. The software promotes understanding by enabling students to construct geometric shapes and functions.
Math Lab Plus uses the latest version of the software GSP 5.0.
Manipulative, Charts: Students are better able to understand math relationships and applications with the help of physical objects that help them visualize relationships. Math lab plus offers computer based mathematical Manipulatives which create a virtual learning environment. It helps students to learn concepts by using concrete objects. Students are able to verify math properties and facts using measurements, models and activities. In this way, Manipulatives improves math awareness, builds skill and confidence in a student.
Visit http://niitnguru.com/Pages/MathLab.aspx for more details
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