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How Dating a Guy With Kids Can Affect Your Life

Dating a guy with kids can affect your life in a big way, but it is manageable if you love kids.
When you got involved with this guy, you should have realized his kids were part of the package.
Maybe he is divorced from their mom, the mother is deceased or he has full custody.
Whatever the reason, his kids will be a big part of your life too and you need to accept it if you want to continue this relationship.
He will put his kids first like any good parent, but you will be a big part of his life also.
It's best not to meet the kids until you are in a serious relationship and have decided this is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Small kids are easier to deal with because they don't understand why their parents were divorced and they're excited to see someone new that likes their dad and gives them special attention.
Older kids are harder to handle because they blame you for their parents splitting even though you weren't around back then.
They will resent you and smart off to you but it's not you personally.
You need to understand their situation and not let them run over you.
Set them in their place in a nice gentle way preferably in front of their dad.
If he resents you doing that, then you need to break things off.
If you both have kids, there's lots of jealousy.
The kids need a talking too to make them understand they are all equal.
You will never take their mom's place but in time they will accept you and you will be doing motherly things.
They will consider you their away from home mom and will want your advice and permission on different things.
If you were to get married, you are marrying the kids too.
If you love this guy, you will accept his kids.
He will want to spend time with his kids and this makes some women jealous, so don't let that happen or you could lose him.
It's hard to love someone else's kids the way you would your own, but you must be fair and learn to love them for your relationship to work.
You need to prepare for a ready-made family and set ground rules for his kids.
This needs to be talked over with him to make sure there is a clear understanding.
Dating a guy with kids can affect your life in a good way or bad way, it depends on how much you want this relationship to work and how much work you're willing to put into it.
There are thousands of marriages with step kids involved.
Some work out and some don't.
It's doubtful there's a Brady Bunch out there, but many step dads have adopted their step kids because they loved them and wanted to show responsibility.
You can have a great life with your true love and his kids by being there and showing your love and understanding.
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