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How to Choose Lighting for a New House

    • 1). Determine the specific uses and activities that will occur in each room. List both general activities and specific tasks that may need additional lighting. Note the type of lighting needed based on the activities. General lighting casts light throughout the room while task lighting provides focused light in areas of the room where specific activities take place.

    • 2). Note the sizes of each room. A larger room needs multiple sources of light to avoid dark areas. Consider adding two overhead light fixtures, a long bar of track lighting, wall sconces or lamps to supply enough lighting sources for a large room.

    • 3). Measure the height of the ceiling in each room. The dimensions of the room, including the ceiling height, affect the size of light fixture that works well. Higher ceilings work well with larger fixtures or lights that hang down from the ceiling.

    • 4). Determine the overall style or decorating theme for each room in the home. Use these themes to select the style of light fixtures that fit the rooms. For example, an elegant chandelier works well in a formal dining room or entryway but would look out of place in a casual eat-in kitchen. The color of the room may also influence the light fixture selection.

    • 5). Note the other metal finishes in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. The finish on faucets, towel rings, cabinet knobs and other metal surfaces should match throughout the room. Brushed nickel faucets with shiny gold light fixtures won't flow well and will make the room less visually pleasing.

    • 6). Consider the energy efficiency of the light fixtures. Energy efficient lights save money on your electric bill and benefit the environment.

    • 7). Visit the lighting store or light section of a home improvement store. Take the list of information gathered based on your needs and style preferences. Choose the light fixtures that fit your budget and your needs.

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