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Do You Deserve It?

I simply must share this! THIS is a fundamental truth that took me 50 years to learn. It is powerful beyond belief, and it transcends how my mind interpreted the events of my childhood. Those mis-interpretations shaped my life, and made me who I am. Unfortunately, they also held me back from so many things I could have had, been and done.

Are you aware that all it takes to create a belief that lasts a lifetime, is one traumatic experience as a child? A belief is neither right nor wrong--it's just a belief. But beliefs are what shape our reality. 'Perception' is reality.

So--the question is, do you "deserve: it? Do you deserve anything? Do you deserve to have good health? Do you deserve to be happy? Do you deserve to be respected and treated fairly? Do you deserve to have anything you want? The answer is a resounding "Yes", but the REASON is the interesting part. The reason is "because you ARE".

You may be asking, "because I'm WHAT?" See? You don't know this fundamental truth, either. Because you are BEing... living... a soul on this planet. That is the only criterion. WE ALL DESERVE IT ALL.

It doesn't matter what sick, warped experiences your child-brain interpreted that make you believe you're inadequate, stupid, ugly, cursed, poor, lonely, depressed, or anything else. We are ALL powerful and gifted beyond our wildest dreams. Some of us know that, and those people are the happy, successful, well-rounded individuals we all look up to and often envy. They live their beliefs.

The rest of us are held back by limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. We live OUR beliefs, too. The only way to move forward is to identify those beliefs, expose them for the lies they are, accept who we REALLY are, and step into our power. We must believe we have the power to be, do or have anything we want. THAT is truth, but knowing it, and BELIEVING it, are not the same.

Of course this isn't an overnight decision you just make and wake up a different person. It takes time and energy, but it's the most stimulating and rewarding thing I've done in years! I am SO ready to leave the old me behind; the me that thought I was a bad person because my parents weren't happy and took their frustrations out on us kids; the me that thought I couldn't achieve what other people did because I was inferior; the me that thought I deserved to be poor; the me that felt unwanted because my mother often threatened suicide and eventually left us to save her own life. (fact, not blame)

I was so insecure that I sent out silent messages to people that I was fragile, weak and unworthy, and that's exactly how a lot of unhappy, insecure and vindictive people treated me, year after year, after year. And I LET them, because I BELIEVED I DESERVED IT. No one deserves that. Conversely, when people who were kind and confident gave me compliments and told me I was so good at this or that, I didn't really believe them because I had my own internal picture of who I was, and it was opposite to what I was hearing. People often had a lot more confidence in me than I had in myself.

I am proud to say I have now banished those limiting beliefs, and you should see the people and opportunities I attract into my life. My affirmation is, "I lead a charmed life." Now I know without a doubt, that I deserve anything and everything I want, without exception, because I AM! And so do you. Go get'em!
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