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How to Increase a Woman"s Attraction to You - And Force Her to Chase You Like Crazy

If you have always questioned the reason you always end up as a girl's emotional tampon, then read on to discover the killer methods to make a lady hot by firing up her sexual attraction to you quickly and easily.
With these killer tactics, you will be able to make a girl attracted to you easily and quickly...
"Use a Covert Hypnosis Trick.
" A rapid way to hypnotize a woman secretly is to get her to recall memories of sadness and happiness in her life.
She will think about the things you want her to - and inside her mind, she's going back to that place when she felt those emotions.
The difference is that you're now with her as she lives through the experience again, and because of this, she will get the feeling that you're the only guy she can share intimate experiences with.
This method will strengthen her emotional attachment with you - and as a result, she will most likely develop great empathy with you.
"Act Like You Are Interested.
" Remember that if you want to be able to increase understanding with a girl, you gotta make her make her open up about herself.
The amusing thing is that the more she opens up, the more drawn she is with you.
Crazy, but it's true.
Hence, always seem interested, even if it's mind-numbing and boring.
Say "No".
The other guys will try to impress her.
What you should do instead is that you should reject her - and tell her that she's not good enough for you.
The trick here's to ensure that you are unattainable - and if you can manage this, you will come across as truly attractive to her - and at the same time more alluring than all the other men combined.
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