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How To Trim Poodles Ears

    • 1). Brush the ears thoroughly using the steel comb. The fur should have no mats or knots; any that exist should be trimmed away, and then the fur brushed once more.

    • 2). Clean the inside of the ears with an approved, safe ear cleaner. This can be obtained at your local pet store. Use a gentle cotton swab and delicately clean the entire ear.

    • 3). Look for signs of infection, ear mites, or other problems since poodle's ears are susceptible to various conditions. Proceed with appropriate treatments if any are noticed.

    • 4). Remove inner ear hair by applying the ear powder and then plucking with hemostats. The ear powder will aid in easy hair removal, making the process less irritating to your dog.

    • 5). Shear the outer ear fur to the desired length, making sure to give an even, neat appearance. For best results, your dog should remain completely still for this portion. This may require a helping hand or firmly secured leash. A standard poodle cut is not shorn close to the skin; rather, it is neatly trimmed to be free of mats or knots.

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