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How to Remove & Replace the Dash in a 1988 Nissan Pickup

    • 1). Raise the hood on your Nissan and find the battery. Remove the negative battery cable by loosening the retaining nut on top with a crescent wrench. Set it aside on top of a towel.

    • 2). Locate and open the fuse panel cover. It is located on the driver's side dash under the steering column. Find the airbag fuses on the diagram inside the panel and remove these fuses with the fuse pullers. The fuse pullers are located inside the fuse panel as well.

    • 3). Locate and remove the steering column bolts using a socket wrench. Push a trim tool up and underneath the bezel surrounding the steering column and use it to pry up the bezel. Tilt the bezel towards you and reach behind it to unplug the wiring behind it. Remove the bezel from the truck.

    • 4). Push a flat-head screwdriver into the holes on each side of the radio. This will release the clips that are holding the radio in place. Remove the radio from the dash.

    • 5). Open the glove box and remove the door by pressing the tabs. Locate the bolts inside the glove box and remove with a socket wrench. Pull the glove box out of the dash.

    • 6). Locate bolts on the top of the dash next to the windshield. Remove these with a socket wrench. Lift up on the dash and slide it out the side door. If you have someone who can help you by standing outside of the vehicle and maneuvering the dash, that would make it easier.

    • 7). Remove the kick panel bolts with a socket wrench and slide the panels out of the passenger's side door.

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