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Patio Overhead Lighting Ideas


    String Lights

    • String lights are a simple and inexpensive way to light up a patio. They can be used anywhere an electrical socket is present and new solar powered lights (many of which automatically turn on at dusk) have no limits. Because these lights are typically not permanently installed, the designer is free from commitment and can use different sets of lights for different occasions or the changing seasons. Some of the most popular string light designs are miniature lanterns and sphere-shaped Asian paper lanterns.

    Hanging Lights

    • Hanging lights are one of the best options when both efficiency of lighting and a wide variety of style options are what matter most. Hanging lights can be used as decorative pieces of furniture which add to the decor and ambiance of a room just as any other piece of patio furniture would. Style options for hanging lights vary widely, from the relaxed and casual to the dramatic and sophisticated.

      The usage of electrical lighting allows for the use of a dimmer switch for control over how bright or dim the light source is. The light can be bright for an energetic midnight patio party or dim for a quiet midnight meal.

    Ceiling Fan Lights

    • Ceiling fan lights are attractive and functional. A ceiling fan light can be placed directly over an outdoor table or any place a light source in desired. Along with lighting, of course, these lights double as fans. An outdoor fan can be comforting on hot evenings and can also help to repel flying insects.

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