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Is Street Fighting Uncaged Any Good?

There is a good chance in your life where fighting is going to be needed for self defense. The eBook titled Street Fighting Uncaged, is a wonderful reference for helping prepare you for this situation. The tactics that are used in street fighting are for survival, unlike boxing and UFC there are no timed rounds or refs to insure you, or your opponent doesn't cheat. This book will go over basic moves that are the foundation for making yourself into a mean, leaning street fighting machine. The book will show how the tactics shown will enable your opponent, thus causing damage that will allow you to end the fight victorious. A long drown out street fight can go either way, thus making it essential for you to know the techniques in this eBook.

Facts About Violence

The fact is gang violence is on the rise again, and muggings are popping up in every city. The key will be how to protect yourself against these attacks. You don't want to become a statistic, so make sure you're prepared. The best way to prepare is to follow the easy to use directions in the eBook: Street Fighting Uncaged. The larger the city, the more chance you have of being attacked. The street violence will only continue to rise with the economy struggling, so be prepared.

Why Learn to Fight

The book isn't going to turn you into the next Mike Tyson, yet it will help enable you to protect yourself and others while out and about. There are many situations that are brought up in the book, thus helping make sure you will be prepared for all types of street fighting scenarios. A person might have a gun, knife, and/or bat or just be an angry drunk guy looking for trouble, so prepare yourself and learn to defend yourself against guys who just want to hurt you. Do you know what to do if someone has a gun, or if you're attacked in your car? What if the person has martial arts training or some kind of weapon?

IF you don't, then this book can help prepare you. The author makes a solid point when he says people that have been in prison fights and hand to hand combat fights have a totally different level of fighting; they do not fight to win, they fight to stay alive.

Will I Become an Expert?

Probably not, yet you will learn the key moves that can help you survive, and get away. The author Jeff Anderson is a combat veteran, and also a self defense expert. His unique experiences can simply help you survive in a street fight. Some of the moves will teach you how to damage ligaments, how to attack and disable a person's central nervous system and even dislocate bones to help you win a Street Fight Uncaged. Every person has venerable spots on the body, and this eBook will help you locate them and use them to your advantage. The book also explains how you can damage your own body while protecting yourself. An example, would be blocking a kick, and it shatters your bone. The fact is a street fighter needs a certain level of experience, or at least knowledge of what to do. This book will teach you these things, and things that are often over looked like the importance of keeping your hands up.

Final Thoughts

This book would be a great reference for anyone living; in a city, around a city, traveling to a city or just wants to be able to build confidence in their ability to defend themselves. The fact is after reading this book you will not become a super street fighter that can protect the city like Batman, but you will have a workable knowledge on how to protect yourself in real life street fighting scenarios. This book is not meant for you to learn the moves and become a neighborhood bully, yet you will be able to protect yourself against that bully.
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