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How to Replace a 2001 Pathfinder Fuel Filter

    • 1). Open the fuse box in the passenger compartment and remove the fuel pump fuse. Start the engine until it stalls, relieving the pressure. Disconnect the battery cable.

    • 2). Raise the Pathfinder's rear end and support it on jack stands. The filter can be found near the rear differential.

    • 3). Wipe and clean away all dirt and debris around the fuel lines and fittings connected to the filter.

    • 4). Loosen the hose clamps on the inlet and outlet hoses, using a screwdriver, and disconnect the lines from the filter. Be prepared to catch any spilling fuel with rags.

    • 5). Unscrew the bolt on the fuel filter's mounting bracket with a wrench and slide the filter out of the bracket.

    • 6). Install the replacement filter into the mounting bracket, making sure it faces the same direction as the previous one, and apply the bolt.

    • 7). Connect the inlet and outlet fittings with the screw clamps.

    • 8). Lower the truck off the jack stands and reconnect the battery cable and fuel pump fuse.

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