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Can Overweight Women Still Get a Great Guy? Strategies For Success

Are you a girl with a few extra pounds? Do you think that no guy could possibly see you for who you are? Are men really as shallow as everyone thinks? Guys will definitely look twice at a chubby girl, especially if she knows how to use her strengths to make her super appealing.
Learn how to maximize your strengths and get the man you want, even if you are more curvy than other women.
It's simply not true to assume that men are so shallow that they are only interested in a thin woman.
Just like for women, men come with all sorts of preferences for shape, size and personality.
Even though their eyes might be drawn initially to a thin, attractive girl, her size is not enough to keep him interested.
It takes much more than that to keep a relationship strong.
Here are three key tips for getting guys to want you: Be Confident Make sure that you are confident and secure in the fact that you are great, even if you sometimes think you're not.
All women, regardless of their size, sometimes feel down and insecure.
Rise above that insecurity and try to outshine every woman by maintaining that air of confidence about you.
Guys don't like girls who feel badly about themselves, even if the are skinny.
Be sure that you wow him with your confidence and he will want to know what makes you different.
Use Your Personality Even though you are carrying those extra pounds, it doesn't mean that guys will overlook you.
If you meet a guy that you are interested in, be sure that no matter when he is around that you are cheerful, upbeat and confident in yourself.
You're great and he will sit up and take note if you have a great personality.
Be sure that you are kind and have fun when he's around and it will definitely set you apart from everyone else in the room! Never Let Him See You Doubt There will be a lot of people in your life telling you that guys just don't want chubby girls.
Ignore them.
People can be horrible, but you don't have to be horrible right back.
Don't give mean people a chance to ruin your night.
Just ignore their comments and rudeness, and when he's around know that he's there for you, not them.
Don't doubt or question why he's with you, or wonder what he sees in you.
He sees how absolutely amazing you are! It can be hard for an overweight girl to feel the confidence she needs to succeed.
Realize that while looks might get a man to look at a woman, they aren't the reason he falls for her.
Know that you, too, can get a man to want you!
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