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Tips for Painting a Floral Mural

    • 1). Set up your painting environment by placing a drop cloth at your feet and covering nearby furniture. Secure the drop cloths to where the floors meet the walls with painter's tape. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount size of each paint color you want to use on a palette. If you don't have a palette, use a paper plate or disposable aluminum pie pan.

    • 2). Work at the top of the scene by outlining floral designs with a neutral color that will be easy to cover. If you must, try stencils to outline designs. Use light, sweeping motions to apply the paint evenly.

    • 3). Complete the outline of the scene using the same techniques outlined in Step 2. Add stems and foliage with a stencil or by free-hand.

    • 4). Drag the tip of a paintbrush with color through flower petals, leaves and other foliage. Press the tip of the brush firmly to the petal area of the outline, for example, and cove the outline with the color. Drag the brush in through the petal until you meet outlines on another side. Repeat this process with all petals and other plants in your mural for a symmetrical paint texture.

    • 5). Color in the foliage and stems of the scene using the same technique outlined in Step 4.

    • 6). Dip a fine-tipped paintbrush into a lighter color than the base color of the floral petals. For example, if the petals are deep red, you will want a light crimson color. To create this color, drag a little white into the deep red paint on your palette to create a light red to pink. Color in various parts of the petals with this mix by applying just the tip of the brush in a dabbing motion.

    • 7). Dip a fine-tipped brush into a neutral shade such as tan or sepia. Use the tip of the brush to create creases and lines in stems, foliage and petals. This adds dimension to the mural when using long, sweeping motions. Let the scene dry.

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