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Firecards - Why DS Firecards Outshine the Competition

With so many DS storage devices available, how do you know which one to choose? If you're looking for the one that will provide you with the easiest way to store games and the best interface, then DS Firecards are the best choice.
These little cards, which are the same size as DS games, can hold your entire DS collection so that you can conveniently have access to any game you want to play.
Are you worried that you'll have to use FlashMe, PassMe, or some other external memory system with Firecards? If so, then you'll be relieved to know that this is not necessary.
As long as you have a DS Fire Link to download your games on, you'll be able to transfer them easily over to your card.
No other equipment is required.
This gives you one of the most straightforward ways to store your games.
Are you wondering how many games you'll be able to play with Firecards? You should be able to play any of your DS games, due to the high compatibility factor that these cards have.
Other storage devices, such as the DSTT, will allow you to play most, but not all, of your DS games.
Just make sure you get the 16Gbit version of the Firecard so you'll have enough room to store them all.
Do you like to be able to select games quickly and easily? Then once again, Firecards will provide you with the best way to do this.
The touch menu you'll be using to go through your library of games is very user-friendly and efficient.
You won't have to worry about wasting precious time scrolling through your list when you could be playing.
The DSTT is notorious for this flaw, since it does not offer a simple folder browser or let you sort your games by name in order to find them faster.
Are extra features and customization options a must? Then you'll be much better off with Firecards instead of a device such as the R4 DS.
The R4 has a very unimpressive interface that is in dire need of some updating.
Also, don't expect those extras or skins to personalize your screen either.
The R4 doesn't come with these, so stick with Firecards for those added bonuses.
Firecards might have some decent competition out there, but if you really want the most reliable storage device, then you can safely ignore those other options.
Firecards will give you the most for your money, so you can start enjoying being able to have all your games readily available no matter where you go.
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