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How Do I Get Internet Service Without Any Phone Line?

    • 1). Contact local cable companies and see if they offer broadband Internet through your cable service. The same plug that runs your cable into your television can be used to power a router that will provide you with Internet through a port in your computer. There is no phone line required for Internet contracted through a cable company.

    • 2). Contact satellite companies and ask about their pricing for setting up a satellite at your home. This can provide you with internet in areas that don't have other options as long as you can set up the dish facing the southern sky. You'll be able to run your internet via satellite through a wireless router or through a cord they'll provide.

    • 3). Search for wireless providers in your area. Some cities and towns are wired for open Internet access. If you can find an unsecured connection on your wireless router, you may be able to access the Internet for free. If only secured connections are available, set up an account with a local company to obtain an Internet password and log on.

    • 4). Contact your cell phone provider about using internet through your cell phone plan. Many companies offer Internet connections on the same account as cell phones now and all you'll have to do is plug a USB drive they'll provide into your computer to access the Internet.

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