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Bird Watching Spots in Kenya

A bird watching in Kenya reveals four spots that are most popular with the bird lovers.
To start with, Lake Nakuru National Park takes the first position.
This lake situated in the Great Rift Valley is a must go.
The shallow Lake holds thousands of the world renowned flamingos and other types of birds.
Flamingos are finicky birds.
At the best of times, there can be over hundreds of thousands of them at Lake Nakuru when the alkaline waters are full of the blue-green algae or cyan bacteria which they feed on.
Lake Nakuru is indeed a bird watchers paradise.
One can easily catch a glimpse of a cache of great white pelicans with their enormous yellow beaks land on water and wade out to shove stretching their wing to dry in the sun.
The park holds over 400 species of bird.
And one can enjoy guided bird walks.
Other birds found on this lake include bubblers, ducks, elegant paradise flycatchers, white-browed robin, prongo and the tropical bulbul.
Towards Nairobi at Naivasha town, Lake Naivasha is another bird watching spot.
On the shores of the Lake, a boat ride will reveal even more bird species.
From fish eagles, pelicans, sparrows, wood peckers, bulbul, ibises, storks and herons.
At the nearby Hells Gate National Park, another bird watching is on focus.
This park has about 20-30 species and thousands of swift.
A unique breeding ground for vultures is found here.
It also holds a breeding ground for augur buzzard, the elusive verreaux's eagle and the rare lammergeyer vulture.
A special offer here is the Merlyn Gammelley Raptor Hide.
This unique bird-viewing hide incorporates a one way window, which allows visitors to view and photograph the raptors (birds of prey) of the park at exceptionally close range.
Kenya has other numerous bird watching spots, including Lake Bogoria and Baringo.
At Lake Baringo, the fish eagle catching fish at a whistle is the most spectacular scenery ever.
But the spots mentioned above are the most sought after.
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